TRAVEL JOURNAL - Cultured Wanderings


As much as I had loved Iceland tremendously, it was certainly nice to be away from the biting cold and be back in the city. Even though it was my first time in London, there was an odd familiarity to the city that struck me. Perhaps it was being back in a dense metropolitan city and hearing good ol British english that appealed to my Singaporean heritage, or maybe just finally being in London after watching countless movies and television while growing up made it seem familiar yet excitingly new. Whatever the case, I had a wonderful time exploring all the must see tourist spots and museumsas well as catching up with a dear friend exploring local hipster spots. 

We finally ended our Europe adventure in Bergen, Norway, a picturesque city on the Southwestern Coast. It had everything I was hoping to see from quaint Nordic architecture, to a boat tour with sweeping panoramas of the fjords through the mountains, the highest alpine train ride in Europe to mossy mysterious forests. It was just unfortunately that we both fell quite sick at the end of our trip and due to some unfortunate timing of being in Bergen during good friday when the entire city shuts down, as beautiful as Bergen was, we were both quite ready to head back to sunny California. 

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself" - Cloud Atlas