TRAVEL JOURNAL - Little Red Dot Part 1


I can't believe that it's been four months since I came back from my trip home to Singapore! It definitely felt like I had hit the ground running in 2017, with major back to back deadlines at work. Before I could even blink, four months had gone by and I'm left wondering what on earth had happened and did I totally miss my birthday?! Thankfully, I have amazing friends who have me in their hearts and take time to remind me of my special day and to spend it with me. 

One of the things I love most about my home country, is the diversity and mixture of history and modernity. The city, to me, is a well woven tapestry of different cultural influences from our colonial heritage, to traditional regionalism and of course it's constant pursuit of the contemporary. Since it was Brandon's first trip to Singapore and Asia, I wanted to give him a fairly comprehensive introduction to multi-faceted parts of Singapore. And since I've lived away from home for almost 8 years now, being able to play tourist with him gave me a chance to explore Singapore through a fresh perspective, and though it saddens me slightly that what I know as familiar has undergone so much change, it is also very exciting to be back in a cosmopolitan urban setting.

As much as I love living in LA, very often I miss living in a more dense and vibrant setting where no matter the time of day, there is a bustle of activity happening. Another aspect that I miss about Singapore is living in a much more walkable city. I forget how nice it is to be able to have chance encounters and finding new places while walking and taking public transport or just aimless wandering and people watching. Though I definitely missed my car when we've been out walking all day and it's hot, humid and raining and not a single cab or uber is to be found! Ultimately both cities are so differently laid out and developed with it's own distinct culture and special appeal, I just feel very lucky to call both my home. 

Brunch at my favorite area

" There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again"

- Margaret Elication Sangster